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Fasteners and Anchors

The best products for professional finishing

Offering a wide selection of fasteners right in our showrooms.

Badgerland Supply carries a full selection of fasteners and anchors to ensure professional construction that is built to last. Our brands include Grabber, Protwist, Simpson, Powers and Permagrip. Some of our products include:

  • Bulk drywall and framing screws
  • Packaged screws
  • Collated screws
  • Cupped head and smooth nails
  • Eye-lag screws
  • Acoustical toggle bolts
  • Wedge expansion anchors
  • Heavy duty screw anchors
  • Concrete screw anchors
  • Lead drive anchors
  • Pin anchors
  • Gas-actuated fasteners
  • Power-actuated anchors
  • Epoxy-tie rod anchors