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Adhesives, Firestops and Sealants

Products in every size and quantity.

Meeting the demands of every type of construction site.

Today’s construction projects require sealants, adhesives and fire caulking. Badgerland Supply not only understands the technical needs but also understands that you require your products quickly.

We carry a large inventory of products that meet the needs of the most demanding applications. And because one size doesn’t fit all, we stock pints, quarts and five gallon sizes and also have the ability to create any quantity – large or small. We recognize that some contractors may need a tube or two while others may require large quantities of material packaged in easy to use, sausage style containers.

Our products include:

  • Intumescent/elastomeric products
  • Drywall, smoke and sound sealants
  • Mortar and putties
  • Fire caulking
  • FRP, drywall and solvent-free adhesives
  • Deck plugs
  • Putty pads
  • Firestop bags, sleeves and devices
  • Drywall adhesives
  • Construction adhesives
  • Spray adhesives

We also carry a complete line of accessories that are ideal for all types of commercial, industrial and residential buildings, as well as for new or retrofit projects.