SpecSeal® Series LC Sealant is a latex-based, high solids firestop compound. This material, when properly installed, will effectively seal penetration openings and joints against the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses and water.

SpecSeal® Series LC Sealant is engineered to adhere well to virtually all construction surfaces and may be applied using a standard caulk gun or by troweling with a standard mason’s trowel or with a putty knife.

SpecSeal® Series LC Sealant dries without shrinking to form a flexible shield against the propagation of fire. Its premium latex binder system is totally resistant to water and will not re-emulsify after drying. SpecSeal® Series LC Sealant is non-halogenated, contains no asbestos, inorganic fibers or solvents.

  • Water-Based - Easy installation, cleanup, and disposal
  • Endothermic - Fillers Absorb heat & release water
  • High Solids Formula - No shrinkage
  • Paintable - Paintable (when dry)
  • Safe ... No Solvents! - Non-Halogenated! Low VOC's
  • Red Color - Easy identification and inspection
  • Installer Friendly - Excellent caulking properties along with high build capabilities
  • Excellent Smoke Seal
  • Flexible

29 oz tube
12 pcs/case

Code: STILC129