FlameSafe® FS 900+ Sealant is cost-effective, water-based and cures to form a flexible shield against the spread of fire and smoke. It is available in two grades: caulkable/trowelable (CG) and self-leveling (SL).

FS 900+ does not contain solvents and, as a result, is not toxic and will not damage plastic pipes or cable jackets.

FS 900+ can be used in various penetrations and construction/architectural joint configurations. Examples of listed systems include metallic and non-metallic pipes, cable and HVAC penetrations, concrete floor-to-floor, floor-to-wall and wall-to-wall applications, as well as for concrete, CMU and gypsum head of wall applications requiring dynamic joint movement. FS 900+ is a versatile, yet economical solution for a wide range of through-penetration and joint construction conditions

  • Underwriters Laboratories classified
  • Factory Mutual approved
  • Firestop systems listed for throughpenetration and joint systems
  • Listed in systems with up to 4 hour fire rating
  • Tested to UL 1479 (ASTM E814), UL 2079 (ASTM E1966 and E1399), UL 723 (ASTM E84)
  • Sound transmission tested in accordance with ASTM E90
  • Water-based, easy to use and clean up
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates and penetrants

1 quart

Code: RS66833