Ceiling clip assemblies are an economical and recognized method of suspending acoustical ceiling grids and panels from concrete and steel. These pre-assembled ceiling clips consist of a sheet metal clip with a pre-mounted powder-actuated fastener and are pre-tied with wires of various lengths and gauges depending on ceiling height and other requirements. When the fastening is made, the clip, fastener and wire are installed in one step. Further productivity can be achieved through the use of a Hilti powder-actuated pole tool.


The X-CX Ceiling clip assembly utilizes an X-AL-H fastener which has a long conical tip design, which better ensures optimal tension loads and stick rate.

  • Fastener shank diameter: 0.177"
  • Material composition nail: carbon steel 58 HRC
  • Point type: long conical tip
  • Washer size: 8 mm
  • Corrosion protection: galvanic zinc plated
  • Environmental conditions: indoor, dry conditions


Code: HW126PRE