Armortex® products provide the maximum bullet and blast resistance available today in a variety of protection levels, and are widely used in courtrooms, government and corporate offices, banks, convenience stores, gas stations, remote electronic buildings, check cashing facilities, cashier booths, prisons, vehicles and any place where ballistic and attack resistant security is required. Armortex ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFIED

Make Up
  • Multiple layers of woven roving ballistic grade fiberglass cloth woven in house impregnated with a thermoset polyester resin and compressed into flat rigid sheets designed to capture projectiles. 
Performance Level
  • Underwriters Laboratory UL 752 11th Edition Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment
  • One hour fire rated to ASTM E119-00a Building Construction and Materials
Ammunition Tested
  • .44 magnum lead semi-wadcutter gas checked, 240 grain, 1350 fps, 3 shots

Code: ATL3-B8