Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Interior Extreme® Gypsum Panel is a moisture and mold resistant gypsum panel designed for interior applications requiring increased resistance to incidental moisture.

It is produced in 1/2" Regular and 5/8" Fire-Shield® Type X or C, 4' wide in standard lengths. eXP Interior Extreme is lightweight, scores and cuts easily and is specially coated on the front, back and sides for easy handling. eXP Interior Extreme is easily identified by the PURPLE® back facer.

Tapered edges allow joints to be reinforced with ProForm® BRAND Joint Tape and concealed with ProForm® BRAND Ready Mix or ProForm® BRAND Quick Set Setting Compounds.

Gold Bond BRAND eXP Interior Extreme C Gypsum Panel has a specially formulated core to achieve superior performance when used in specific fire-rated assemblies where the weight and number of wallboard layers are a concern.

Code: 58IG10-N