Ready-Angle® is available in straight, 8 or 10-foot lengths, is easy and simple to hand form, holds its shape and requires no screws so it installs quickly to save on labor costs.

Ready-Angle® is the most versatile and indispensable framing product around—for virtually any curved surface. Without any tools you can simply create "S" shapes, spirals, sweeps, arches of any depth or any free-form shape. And Ready-Angle® curves in multiple directions at the same time so it's easy to hand form challenging compound curves and "S" bends right on the jobsite.

Ready-Angle® is an ideal alternative to cutting, snipping, or other shaping methods with steel or wood on the jobsite. It's more economical to use than other products that may require extra on-site assembly.

Code: 150FA-30-10-R