Gold Bond® BRAND eXP® Shaftliner is a moisture and mold resistant shaftliner panel with a fire-resistant Type X core. eXP Shaftliner is manufactured with an enhanced moisture and mold resistant core and facers. The facers, with PURPLE® color, are composed of a coated fiberglass mat which provides superior weather resistant capabilities. eXP Shaftliner is specially coated on the front, back and edges for easy handling. Long edges of panels are beveled for ease of installation.

eXP Shaftliner panels are designed to be used to construct lightweight fire barriers for cavity shaftwalls (1-4 hr), stairwells and area separation fire walls in multifamily housing. The panels are key components in the I-Stud, C-T Stud and C-H Stud Cavity Shaftwall Systems and the H-Stud Area Separation Fire Wall Systems.

Code: 10SWLG12-N